Rhythmic Heartbeat

Fourteen-degree-freeze to set you free from worry of what this winter will come to be. Heart is beating with rhythm, coffee is warming my belly, this smile seems reluctant to stray. When I was younger people assumed I was on drugs, over time they learned I’m living on love. My daily Drifter Coffee routine has… Continue reading Rhythmic Heartbeat


First Snow

Winter has arrived with snowfall heavy and bright, all through the day and into the night, on the eve of the full moon. Cars are buried, trees freshly powdered, the time has come for collective release, let go and embrace its power. Experience floods my blood, realized in the feel of emotion; after all -… Continue reading First Snow

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Where the sun reaches

To where the sun reaches, it teaches to go and grow into the light; to be filled with its glow and warmth to the brim while we learn to help others swim through raging rapids until they pass; learning to laugh at the very fears that smothered us, capturing our breath, enabling fear to imagine… Continue reading Where the sun reaches