Deaf Ears

It seems the more we say the less people hear, songbirds whose notes descend upon deaf ears, because the greatest songs sing to our greatest fears. But what is it about the lessons we will not listen? When did truth become the only thing we’re missing? Where has the love gone from two people kissing? How is equality something for which we’re still wishing? Who is to blame for letting Dr. King’s vision be lost in vain, in a world filled with inflicted pain, because not all love looks the same. It’s easier to judge another when you don’t know their name, or their burden, after all, turns out we’re still learning. How to dream, how to be, how to see, what to believe, and just what it means to be free. With freedom comes a cost, and if decency is lost, it’s time this or that  American Dream be tossed. Instead it is packaged and sold, bought and bowed, misguided and contrived, inorganic and unaligned. Tell me, have you taken the time to listen to a heart beat? It is a sound without pronoun or color, born from a mother, the most precious gift from one to another, created in love, or lust, often hard to tell until the dust settles, and we’re left to read the letters. But they are our letters to write and read – let people decide what they need, so long as it doesn’t require others to bleed. We are divided; we are impatient, and we are intolerant of the variables that make us unique and beautiful. We can grow; we can change; and I think it could begin by learning the name of what we’re taught to hate. We have so much potential, yet ourselves to blame. Born into the wild, willingly tamed, collected and caged, isn’t it time we sing out? Or bear the burden of these chains. 

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