Rhythmic Heartbeat

Fourteen-degree-freeze to set you free from worry of what this winter will come to be. Heart is beating with rhythm, coffee is warming my belly, this smile seems reluctant to stray. When I was younger people assumed I was on drugs, over time they learned I’m living on love. My daily Drifter Coffee routine has become sacred to me, a family feel, community vibe, and wonderful reminder that no matter the weather it’s a great day to be alive. Connect with the feeling and hold it inside, long enough to go outside and consider everything from something beyond your default perspective. Marvel in Michigan’s frigid shine, breathe in its cool, crisp, air and dare to cherish each of your days no less than the last, because what if it was? Our environment plays such an integral role on our being, no reason to keep yourself believing that we need any one season more than the other. Like plants, humans are drawn to the sun, but we are made differently you see, and we are capable of not only surviving the tundra but thriving in this time when we rest and make space for personal growth. It is a time of learning, yearning for the warmth of a fire, conversation, one another, and the potential of building what’s to come. It is a unique time in this nation where we must decide who we wish to build a foundation with; a time where we must let our hearts guide us to and away from what feels right and wrong, hoping to collectively sing a song so simple and beautiful the rest of our tribe worldwide will be compelled to harmonize. More than ever we need to capture the imagination of a people divided and it begins with you and I, in places like this, on days like this, and it doesn’t begin with a wish, rather a warm gesture, helping hand, soft gaze, and inviting smile that suggests that you’re the type of person who believes in the soul of a man or woman; someone who believes in the ingredients underneath; daring to possess faith without needing to see the fine print; the choice not to flee from but retreat to one another and discover the multitude of ways we can make one another’s lives better with our own two hands, two feet, reciprocity, and rhythmic heartbeat.

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