Just in case you were listening for one, This is a Good Sound, and the stories behind the music.

My name is Kevin Alan Lamb (6’7 Kevin) but many know me as the Good Sign Man. I have spent most of my life using the gifts I was given to celebrate those who encourage and empower others. And while I’ve lived a great story thus far, I have recently given myself permission to dream again.

Inspired by The Avett Brothers lyrics, “decide what to be and go be it”, at age 23 I commit to my dreams and gifts in the form of words, interviews, and journalism. The day I chose to be a writer, I also made the choice to do whatever I needed to, so that I could ultimately do what I love.

It is a decade later and I continue to shape my dreams into realities. I have been covering music for five years, interviewing musicians, photographing their sets, and building relationships in all facets of the music industry. This Is A Good Sound will grow into an interview/book series, and boutique agency featuring bands and festivals I have grown to consider family. One stop shop for event production, management, booking, and publicity.

Bands: Lazer Lloyd | Dixon’s Violin | Gasoline Gypsies | Audio Birds | Thick As Thieves | The Rupple Brothers | Remnose | Royal Grand Band | The Change

Events: Handmade Music Festival | Ferndale Concerts In The Park | Sacred Vibrations

Venues: Detroit Shipping Co. | Otus Supply | Tip Top Deluxe | The Park Theatre |