First Snow

Winter has arrived with snowfall heavy and bright, all through the day and into the night, on the eve of the full moon. Cars are buried, trees freshly powdered, the time has come for collective release, let go and embrace its power. Experience floods my blood, realized in the feel of emotion; after all – the moon moves more than just the ocean. Allow yourself to be moved in whichever direction your heart desires; let these moments be the kindle to help ignite your fire. If you feel it deep in your bones, know you’re not alone, and it’s about time to let your best intentions show, without the ability to know where they will go, we plant the best pieces of ourselves into this earth and garden their growth. What are you drawn to most? What pulls you with the allure of the coast? What oath have you wished to make with yourself, yet let slip through the cracks? It’s alright, don’t look back, don’t you worry, slow down and take a breath, there is no hurry. There is only time and space: a living whiteboard for you to create, manifest, and test the limits of your will and wonder… doesn’t it feel like it’s time to discover the pieces of you, shining brightest, reflected in the joy and smiling eyes of others? You have the ingredients because you are the ingredients; you are the magic, but still must wave the wand.

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