Choose people

We live in a world competing for attention, swaying us with bells and whistles in every direction, telling us when and what to choose, what we’ll lose, prescribing a daily regimen for how we oughta be used, or cut loose – from what? Hard to say, so we pray, to what? Each of us with a different answer to where we look for hope when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, lost at sea to addiction, or when the weight of cold water instills affliction, seemingly too heavy to bear. We wear problems as if they were only our own; how is it on a planet with 7.53 billion people we can feel so damn alone? Maybe in a world of products it’s time to fight back by choosing people, and I don’t just mean the ones we wed in a church and steeple, but the choice to care and let go of ego, lend a hand, hold a hug, and not fool ourselves into believing help needs to come from above, when we know it comes from love, sacrifice, and really just fucking being nice! Which is natural by the way. Today might be a good to try it, call it a new way to diet. Most of you always have, and always will, while others are still looking for it in a pill, because a guy named Bill continues to pass his own agenda in a House, that is anything but a home, filled with representatives few of us really know, stifling hope, serving few and not many, squeezing life out of a lifeless penny, dividing the conquered, conquering the divided, flipping a system with the illusion it is two sided; selling scarcity under the guise of capitalism, when abundance is provided. 

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