Deaf Ears

It seems the more we say the less people hear, songbirds whose notes descend upon deaf ears, because the greatest songs sing to our greatest fears. But what is it about the lessons we will not listen? When did truth become the only thing we’re missing? Where has the love gone from two people kissing?… Continue reading Deaf Ears


Choose people

We live in a world competing for attention, swaying us with bells and whistles in every direction, telling us when and what to choose, what we’ll lose, prescribing a daily regimen for how we oughta be used, or cut loose - from what? Hard to say, so we pray, to what? Each of us with… Continue reading Choose people

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The Gasoline Gypsies: Changing Seasons and Interview with Joe Makowski

By Kevin Alan Lamb Dunes with a view in Holland, Michigan on 420, Earth Day, and tomorrow is Easter. I have the beach mostly to myself, lying in the slope nestled between two dunes. The sun is upon me, sky blue, and a pretty active north east gust. I’ve made myself an ample rum and… Continue reading The Gasoline Gypsies: Changing Seasons and Interview with Joe Makowski

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Where the sun reaches

To where the sun reaches, it teaches to go and grow into the light; to be filled with its glow and warmth to the brim while we learn to help others swim through raging rapids until they pass; learning to laugh at the very fears that smothered us, capturing our breath, enabling fear to imagine… Continue reading Where the sun reaches

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Your Guide to Handmade Music 19

By Kevin Alan Lamb Summer may have been hesitant to show its true colors this year, but with each action, an equal and opposite reaction. October is upon our doorstep but the sun is shining bright and warm weather continues to accompany us into fall.  It is Harvest weekend and that can mean only one… Continue reading Your Guide to Handmade Music 19