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Eric Engblade, Artist Bio

By Kevin Alan Lamb Eric Engblade is “Folk-Rock With Teeth”, a joyful Northern Michigan bequeath, pouring over the tug-o-war between wants and needs. His sound and songs are a soothing serenade, singing you to a place where apple pies cool on windowsills, and children play in cattails; accompanied by church bells ringing in the distance,… Continue reading Eric Engblade, Artist Bio

Artist Bio, Blog

Maxwell Edison, Artist Bio

By Kevin Alan Lamb When you hear the siren call of Maxwell Edison’s music, do not fight it. The Chicago based handpan player will captivate you into his meditative, restorative chamber, where you will be tuned and toned for your life’s greatest adventure. Programmed to receive your heart’s marching orders for ascent; beamed to the… Continue reading Maxwell Edison, Artist Bio


Dance Partner, 4848

By Kevin Alan Lamb His name is Atticus Richardson; he’s seven-years-old, lives in Richmond, VA, and he’s my dance partner. If you’re so fortunate, you may discover him busting a move in his Dino glow suit at 4848 Festival on Snowshoe Mountain, in Snowshoe, WV. When Atticus hears music he feels it in his heart,… Continue reading Dance Partner, 4848


In it together, Oliver Hazard Day ’21

By Kevin Alan Lamb In a universe where it is difficult to be original and hopeful, indie folk trio Oliver Hazard reinforces my illusion to be both. Their dream of being full-time touring musicians took flight in 2019, as their Living Room Tour challenged conventional archetypes of touring, and the stagnation of big business within… Continue reading In it together, Oliver Hazard Day ’21


Livin’ “That Kind of Life” w/ Michigan Rattlers

By Kevin Alan Lamb This life isn’t for everyone; it requires a commitment to a dream that not everyone can see, and even fewer who can touch. Within its very nature resides a blueprint which introduces you to the greatest loves of your life, while simultaneously taking you away from them, so long as you… Continue reading Livin’ “That Kind of Life” w/ Michigan Rattlers