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WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: Lindsay Lou

By Kevin Alan Lamb In a world plagued by envy and once-removed gaze, it is our admiration, appreciation, and respect for the dedication, commitment, and gifts of others which will pave our path forward through these tumultuous times. Admiration requires acknowledgement; while acknowledgement calls upon the self-awareness necessary to recognize either our need, or capacity… Continue reading WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: Lindsay Lou

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WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: The Ghost of Paul Revere

By Kevin Alan Lamb Can you recall the last time you followed the advice of a stranger, at a music festival, and discovered one of your favorite bands? I imagine most of you have, and if you haven’t, live a little. Join me in the Wayback Machine as we travel to Memorial Day 2016, when… Continue reading WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: The Ghost of Paul Revere

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WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: Yonder Mountain String Band

Jake Cudek / From Mishawaka Amphitheatre By Kevin Alan Lamb Who knew we needed an ongoing global pandemic to remind us that the best place to be is outside, we take seeing loved ones for granted, and community through music remains the most plausible path forward as a species, and planet? If you are reading… Continue reading WinterWonderGrass (CO) Preview: Yonder Mountain String Band


Jake Simpson, The Lil Smokies

By Kevin Alan Lamb Songs serve as the stitching between people and memories we wish to grow through, and hold onto. They become bookmarks in the pages of the stories of our lives which we recollect when our hearts are ripped wide open, reminding us that despite the present pain we feel, we have navigated… Continue reading Jake Simpson, The Lil Smokies