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Get Over The Hump with Act Casual at Otus Supply

By Kevin Alan Lamb Chemistry is a powerful magnetic force that draws us towards those who emit similar heat signatures. Young, foolish men and women believe they can do things best by themselves, but as we discover those of a similar nature as ourselves, we learn the potency and magic of collaboration. What began as… Continue reading Get Over The Hump with Act Casual at Otus Supply


Jake Simpson, The Lil Smokies

By Kevin Alan Lamb Songs serve as the stitching between people and memories we wish to grow through, and hold onto. They become bookmarks in the pages of the stories of our lives which we recollect when our hearts are ripped wide open, reminding us that despite the present pain we feel, we have navigated… Continue reading Jake Simpson, The Lil Smokies


Lindsay Lou, The Flatbellys

By Kevin Alan Lamb Like a breath of fresh air breathed into an early Michigan spring, her voice will incite and ignite blooming life in your veins that too often remains dormant until days when it rains. But no matter the lingering cold and inevitable wavering of weather, snowfall turns to downpour and we celebrate… Continue reading Lindsay Lou, The Flatbellys