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Aqueous, Electric Forest Preview

By Kevin Alan Lamb Aqueous (pronounced “ay-kwee-us”), like water, is as smooth and groovy as a Western wave at sunset. Since forming in Buffalo in 2006, guitarist Mike Gantzer, guitarist/keyboardist David Loss, bassist Evan McPhaden, and drummer Rob Houk have manifest “groove rock” stylings into the jam scene, developing a special sound characterized by meticulous… Continue reading Aqueous, Electric Forest Preview


Michigan Rattlers, Electric Forest Preview

By Kevin Alan Lamb Throughout the last year-and-a-half I’ve had the great pleasure of opening my heart and home to some of the most brilliant, inspiring, and rad musicians who I am now grateful to call family. Our choices and commitments offer us the possibility of being good long enough, until one day we become… Continue reading Michigan Rattlers, Electric Forest Preview


Positive Totems

By Kevin Alan Lamb I’ve never attended a festival without my Good Sign. I recall the days when I’d attend a concert without it on occasion, and feel unfulfilled. In a festival Universe where no two totems are the same, it is quite the anomaly how many people carry Good Signs these days; an anomaly… Continue reading Positive Totems