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Spirit Sound: Ron Colone – Writer, Director, Producer

By Kevin Alan Lamb In the final act, or the prestige, magic is witnessed in the form of a reveal. I think with people, spirit helps us see that the only thing preventing magic from happening in our own lives is our belief that it doesn’t exist. How is a hot air balloon supposed to… Continue reading Spirit Sound: Ron Colone – Writer, Director, Producer

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Tune In to ‘Revival: The Sam Bush Story’

By Kevin Alan Lamb A wall of sound pulsates from the stage as a blaze of string instruments emit in layered waves; telling a story that continues to age, while intent on evolving with coming days. Each young Padawan studies their hero’s ways, loving music so much he dedicates his entire life learning to play,… Continue reading Tune In to ‘Revival: The Sam Bush Story’

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Handmade Music Festival Preview

By Kevin Alan Lamb Handmade music, made with love, built upon a foundation of possibility and the best intentions. Music is medicine and our world needs healing; our people need healing. Our community is hungry for an active reminder that we are not alone and despite the challenges before us, we will retrace our steps… Continue reading Handmade Music Festival Preview