My dreams take me in the direction of people who are like me: those who create, innovate, and prioritize time to celebrate just how magnificent life is. Not with a wish, but with a will and a way, connected by an infinite number of choices made with passion and reluctance to stray. Each day we wake up with the opportunity to build upon the foundation of a lifetime. What is it you wish to build? Can you paint me a picture of how you behold beauty? A snapshot of time you hope to see? Why would we be given the ability to dream, without the reality of some coming true? If you’ve found your beach, do you seek it? If you’re giving love away, are you taking the time to receive it? Can you recall the last time you made a promise to yourself and believed it? Consider all the ways you spend your energy and if you really need it. Our energy is a resource refueled with passion; sheer necessity will inevitably deplete it; infinance resides deep within, but only you can free it.

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