Positive Totems

Greensky Bluegrass, 2016

By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’ve never attended a festival without my Good Sign. I recall the days when I’d attend a concert without it on occasion, and feel unfulfilled. In a festival Universe where no two totems are the same, it is quite the anomaly how many people carry Good Signs these days; an anomaly easily understood by anyone who has ever absorbed the magic radiating from its presence. In a world at war with itself, seemingly intent on ripping our species to pieces, those who carry Good Signs quickly learn that it carries them. I’ve only recently been able to properly articulate it, but the choice to be Good Sign Man, was a choice to perpetually offer the best of myself to the world, no matter the circumstances. While I don’t live always live up to that choice, it is the standard by which I hold myself accountable. It wasn’t always as easy, or comfortable as it is now to carry a Good Sign, but that is when I needed to the most. If you carry a positive totem at a festival, you may just save someone’s life.

It takes gumption to carry a Good Sign. It requires vulnerability, honesty, and the ability to choose others before yourself. Those who are bold enough to take a leap of faith, soon discover there isn’t another experience quite like carrying a Good Sign at a festival in the world. In a time when so much is made of “festival families”, this worldwide social movement is a reminder that everyone with a soul, two eyes, a head, heart, hopes and dreams could one day be family, and a Good Sign is the device which will expedite your delivery to them. Good people are literally drawn to positive messages. It speaks to them in a way they may not be able to articulate, yet feel on a cellular level so intensely that they must satisfy their longing. Positive attracts positive, while negative attracts negative. Good Signs are an asshole deterrent and filter. If someone tries to make an overwhelmingly positive message delivered by a stranger for the betterment of others into a negative thing, imagine their internal suffering and self-loathing…

My volunteered surrender of a degree of my privacy has cast me into the public eye in which immense love and gratitude has collided in an epicenter of multidimensional narratives connecting hundred of thousands of souls in a pure and intimate fashion. My hopes and dreams are being paid forward by previous strangers who with every intentional act of goodness grow closer to family and the brethren I seek peace for! Our quality has simultaneously been given a symbol and anonymity giving passionate souls that burn fervently a satellite to boost their beacon and shield to protect them from the storm. Much will be made of our efforts but I write these words to always remind me that none of this was possible without the beauty and inter-connectivity of all sentient beings and their overwhelming desire to depart from this realm having made a positive imprint on beings they were blessed enough to tango aside along the way. We are the difference every time and opportunity that we choose to be.


Goodness only persists when we share it with others. It is a Good Sign because it reminds people to be happy, friendly, grateful, genuine, and optimistic that despite the prevalence of ill-will, pain, and suffering, there is a greater opposing force if we so choose to see, believe, and embrace it. It will not find us on its own; we must seek the path illuminated by divine purpose and righteousness, and pursue it without looking back! Your past can only haunt you when you turn your attention and gaze to it. We forward thinkers shall carve the way into our better world, for all those who can discover the trail of breadcrumbs left behind. The way cannot be given or drawn on a map, it must be sought after and believed in. Only then will our passion and desire to make the world a better place, guide us to the cavalry charging ahead of each sunrise and sunset, architects of hope in the belief that only together will mankind realize its true potential.

You don’t have to be extraordinary to carry a Good Sign, you just have to be willing to be. The choice to be a shining light and serve others will soothe your anxious and heavy heart. It will be the medicine yourself and others need to not survive but thrive in this painful but beautiful world. It is the day in and day out decision to choose life, optimism, and understanding that this world is not capable of healing itself with us in it.

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