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The Gasoline Gypsies: Beaver Island Music Festival

By Kevin Alan Lamb Gypsy Camp rose early and rallied quickly. Thirty minutes behind is really 43 minutes ahead of schedule on Gypsy time. Jack readied the vessel, armed with a fresh set of wheels, while Nancy brewed the coffee and prepared delicious, tackling fuel to fill our bellies, ripe with a sense of adventure.… Continue reading The Gasoline Gypsies: Beaver Island Music Festival

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Short’s Fest ’18 Recap

By Kevin Alan Lamb When I learned the Michigan Rattlers were playing Short’s Fest it felt like I was supposed to be there. When I learned that the Paddlebots were headlining the very same evening I opened myself to the realistic possibility, that I would be finding my way up north for an overnight filled… Continue reading Short’s Fest ’18 Recap


Handmade Music Festival

By Kevin Alan Lamb We are breaking ground into new territory and it feels good, real good. I have spent the last six years of my life investing my love and energy into music and the community which drives and flourishes from it; and for the first time I have partnered with a music festival… Continue reading Handmade Music Festival

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Mo Pop Fest 2018, Recap

By Kevin Alan Lamb Another Mo Pop Fest in the books, and I must say, Detroit you’re doing a great job. Experiencing its best attendance since its inception in 2003, Mo Pop offers a glimpse into the festival world, offering easy access and fun amenities which allow folk from young to old to dip their… Continue reading Mo Pop Fest 2018, Recap