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Aqueous, Electric Forest Preview

By Kevin Alan Lamb Aqueous (pronounced “ay-kwee-us”), like water, is as smooth and groovy as a Western wave at sunset. Since forming in Buffalo in 2006, guitarist Mike Gantzer, guitarist/keyboardist David Loss, bassist Evan McPhaden, and drummer Rob Houk have manifest “groove rock” stylings into the jam scene; Developing a special sound characterized by meticulous… Continue reading Aqueous, Electric Forest Preview


Capturing Magic with Phun Photos: Electric Forest

By Kevin Alan Lamb It is a privilege to cover Electric Forest; 2018 will be my fifth consecutive year as media, sixth Forest as media, and seventh Electric Forest. When we are fortunate enough to navigate a path that leads to what we love, it is essential we practice gratitude with offerings of effort, creativity,… Continue reading Capturing Magic with Phun Photos: Electric Forest


Greensky Bluegrass, Fillmore Detroit

By Kevin Alan Lamb No matter your disposition, if you are lucky enough the music you love flows through your veins long enough to recreate a world you see, touch, taste, love, and lose in. When something is within you long enough it becomes you; the very way the soul of a man shapes his… Continue reading Greensky Bluegrass, Fillmore Detroit