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Spirit Sound: Caleb Malooley (The Gasoline Gypsies)

By Kevin Alan Lamb

A Gypsy soul is one who loves movement and finding the pulse in nature and flight as a metaphor. One who thinks everything is music. One who knows and holds an inward and therefore outwardly contagious kind of freedom.

It is only natural that Caleb Malooley of The Gasoline Gypsies finds strength and spirit in the woods. I gaze into the swaying, snow-covered trees in Northern Michigan, grateful for the guidance I received to come here to retreat, revive, and repurpose. Winter is a blessing that hastily reminds us to slow down and take inventory of where and with whom we are investing our energy. It gives us a minute to observe our fragility, and strength, while developing the practices which promote the latter.

I imagine winter has something to do with why such beautiful music is created in Michigan. Our summers rival any in the world, and as a result are full of distractions, shiny objects, and a social/work calendar highly condensed to maximize our time in the sun. Not only does snowfall allow the earth to hydrate, it grounds us humans and gifts us the opportunity for more intimate and interpersonal exchanges.

I think winter gets a pretty bad wrap, some of which is due to the loneliness, or alienation people feel around the holidays, but I am grateful for the fruits it has produced. It has brought me closer to my family, closer to one of my best friends, and more in touch with my spirituality than I have ever been. Morning meditation helps me begin my day from a place of peace and stillness; it reminds me to slow down, quiet myself, and listen more attentively.

Music is the most constant and accessible source of inspiration, as a result I am fascinated to learn more about the practices, obstacles, and nuances within the spirituality of the musicians who create and sustain it. When we better understand those who inspire us, we begin to inspire others.

Would you say you’re guided more by faith, or spirituality? Or do you perceive them as one and the same?

More by Spirituality, but you have to have faith in your spirituality in order for it to be meaningful

Do you have daily/weekly practices that help you stay connected with your guide?

I try to get into the woods or just outdoors and walk every day, nature is church.

Who in your life helps you stay on the right spiritual path?

My mother and Father.

What do you find most often disrupts or gets in the way of your spiritual journey?

Myself, overthinking and circular thinking. Also over judging others.

Have you ever experienced a significant catharsis or “aha” moment as a result of your faith/spirituality?

Yes, there are rare moments of inner peace when you can manage to actually silence your mind.

Does making music help you honor and connect with your greater sense of self, and purpose?

Yes, music helps with the previous question.

In what ways does the industry of music challenge your spirituality or faith?

Some people are out for the wrong things in this industry; sometimes the energies of others can be overwhelming.

Are there any musicians whose spirituality/faith you admire, and feel empowered as a result of?

Zach Brown…. You Get What You Give.

Do you have the tendency to use the word God or Universe? Do you have different perspectives of the two?

God and the universe are one in the same, energy is energy no matter what we name it.

Just in case you were listening for one, This Is A Good Sound. Catch Caleb in action tomorrow (Jan 10) in Grand Rapids at Tip Top Deluxe where The Gasoline Gypsies join forces with Megan Dooley, “The First Last of Kalamazoo.” Music starts at 8:00 PM.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/GypsiesTipTop

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