Moon Hooch, James Muschler

By Kevin Alan Lamb

All good stories are best told by those who lived them. Like you, my passion for music has transformed into a life committed to appreciating and sharing its wonder with and amongst others. Once only a fan, carrying a Good Sign because I loved the look in others’ eyes when we shared it, music became the communal environment by which I learned to walk the enlightened path toward unconditional love. Music brought me to festivals like Summer Dance at Nelson Ledges, where I discovered a trio of best friends who share the stage and make music while complimenting one another’s gifts, and inspiring all those who dance before them.

Red Sky by Moon Hooch

I first interviewed Wenzl, Mike and James of Moon Hooch last summer at Gathering of Vibes, but in the midst of excitable conversation, sleep depravity, and four consecutive interviews, I forgot to record the memorable energetic exchange. While it was a great interview, life is not made by a moment made or missed, rather the series of moments made into motion by our sweat, fortitude, and unwavering choice to wake dreams into realities (Nahko Bear).

With the release of their new album, Red SkyI had another opportunity to transform a moment missed, into a story better made. Here is my conversation with James Muschler, on drums and percussion for Moon Hooch.

Sound & Silence: What feels special and unique about this new album?

James Muschler: It most accurately captures the live energy and chemistry between us, Our first album (Moon Hooch, 2013) captured what we did in the subway. Our second album (This Is Cave Music, 2014) refined our sound but disconnected the three of us. This album (Red Sky) is the best of both worlds, fueled by our raw energy.

Sound & Silence: Elaborate on the  mechanisms of spiritual growth…

James Muschler: Spiritual growth is about a lot of things… one thing that the three of us have learned is our ability to see other perspectives beyond our own being and reality. Ultimately, the willingness and practiced habit of considering other’s perspective.

S&S: Your tour is packed with international bookings, including Norway…

James Muschler: I’ve never been to Norway, it’s going to be amazing. We played the Mercury Lounge (NYC) and our manager brought booking agents from Europe, and now we are playing Poland and the UK as a result of the show. We are all beyond grateful for everything going on.

S&S: What’s your favorite album of all-time?

James Muschler: John Coltrane, One Down, One Up (Live at the Half Note).

S&S: If you had one lyric tattooed on you, what would it be?

James Muschler: My God… I don’t know. ‘I love supreme’ Coltrane, to stick with the theme, and also because I’m a nerd.

S&S: If you could share the stage with any drummer?

James Muschler: Zakir Hussain (Award winning Indian tabla player, musical producer, film actor, and composer).

S&S: Outside of music, where is your passion?

James Muschler: Cooking, food in general, nature, being in nature, hanging out with other human beings, and having a good time.

S&S: When are you coming to Detroit?

James Muschler: Hopefully in the fall, I know we will be in Chicago.

S&S: Where are you from?

James Muschler: Cleveland Heights.

That was fun! Be sure to catch Moon Hooch in a city near you! Check out our review of Red Sky HERE!

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