Kellen Asebroek, Fruition

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Ain’t no thang like healing harmonies to make to you always feel at home, despite living life on the road. Riding the wave of their latest album Labor of Love, Fruition is a Portland-based quintet that will sweep you away on a journey while igniting your spirit and soothing your soul. These songwriters embrace life on the road with a wistful romanticism that flourishes in rare and fleeting moments shared with the ones they love.

Here’s my quick conversation with Kellen Asebroek (vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard) captured while the band was loading into Columbus last night.

If Fruition was on a boat for one month with another band collaborating on an album, who would it be and why?

Kellen: How big is the boat? Are we talking dinghy? Yacht? Riverboat queen? Will meals be provided or do we need to fish for our food? I am a mediocre fisherman at best. Are there rooms or are we sleeping on deck? That might influence my band decision. Will the boat be crossing international borders? Do I need my passport??? Because I left it in Portland.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Kellen: I’d have the power to never have to answer interview questions that make me think about how I’ll never have super powers. That or flight. Flight would be cool.

If you had lyrics tattooed on you, what would they be?

Kellen: Miracles by Insane Clown Posse. Either the whole song or “Magic is everywhere in this bitch.”

How do you best cope with missing out on everyday lifestyle as a result of being on the road?

Kellen: Being out on the road is my everyday lifestyle! It’s when I’m home that I need coping mechanisms.

What’s your favorite song to play with Greensky Bluegrass?

Kellen: Whole Lotta Love > Warpigs > Whole Lotta Warpigs.

Fruition is playing a sold out show tonight in the Parliament Room at Otus Supply, supported by the Holly Bernt Band, then heading to Grand Rapids tomorrow to play the Pyramid Scheme.

Just in case you were listening for one, This is a Good Sound.

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