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Indie folk trio Oliver Hazard comes to 20 Front Street, April 27

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Should you find yourself reading these words, please know the pleasure and gratitude held in my heart for the opportunity to tell stories about the things that I love. I’ve rarely been the steady relationship (romantic) kind of guy, but from a young age I diligently practiced and pursued the longings within my heart, leading me to extraordinary people who each uniquely imprinted their breath of life, upon my own. Happiness is a commodity and personal responsibility for each of us, and finding those tuned to similarly beating hearts is essential to not the pursuit, but possession of happiness.

Like a face that embraces the sun’s rays and warmth upon its skin, take inventory of the people, places, and experiences who help bring you to the light, because each peak is followed by a shadowed valley and you will soon begin to climb once more. My magical place is found intertwined within music and nature, where joy is a song harmonized by the birds and breeze in trees, and sunsets to remind you that tomorrow everything is possible once more.

As is the case with most of the music I love, I remember the night I saw Oliver Hazard for the first time, knowing we’d play a meaningful role in one another’s lives. I have only had the pleasure of seeing them perform one other time since that night at Otus Supply, yet I feel like family when I listen to the songs they sing, and stories they create. Music offers an open invitation to anyone who longs for a greater sense of community and belonging into their life. You don’t have to be a writer, or a photographer, or an influencer on Instagram to let music into your life, and breathe your magnificent spirit into its sound.

Each live music setting offers a varying level of potential for magic on a given night. 20 Front Street in Lake orion is one of those heart and hand crafted settings that yields a high probability of being moved by music. Intimacy is a phrase most often associated with romance and music, and it’s not a coincidence. Oliver Hazard is currently enjoying a tour taking place in fan’s living rooms across the country to forge meaningful relationships by performing, engaging, and being in such an intimate performance space. On Saturday, April 27, the  indie folk band from Waterville, Ohio will make one deviation from their Living Room Tour, and make magic for a night at 20 Front Street with Lily Talmers.

Best friends Griffin, Devin, and Michael embody the classic Americana spirit, combined with humble folk tradition only found on the open road, in backyards, allies and street corners. They are connecting with a disconnected American people, planting little seeds of hope that with the oddest combination of chance, will, and necessity, will grow into a powerful people and friend of the desperate. No matter the lives we live, the best any of us can hope for is a highlight reel of moments that remind us we are alive and invested in the pursuit of love, the wild and wonder.

What is your reminder? Mine is music. Maybe it’s yours too. An evening with Oliver Hazard might just deliver you to a life of shining moments upon mountain tops, with the sun upon your skin, and love oozing from your soul. And at the very least, you can say you took the time and energy to try something new, for you.

What inspired this house concert tour?

We like the aesthetic of the house shows. We did a few last year and realized we could plan and book a tour with Little overhead and very light setup.

When / Where was your first house concert (ever)?

Ben McMurrays house in Ottawa hills Ohio. He’s the principal of the local high school and a really nice guy.

Why did you choose 20 Front Street in the middle of a house concert tour?

Rumor had it was the most intimate venue in Michigan. Thought it would be a nice compliment to our living room tour.

What do you know and love about Michigan?

Detroit Lions Football. One Pride baby.

Tell folks about Oliver Hazard Day.

Oliver hazard day will be on Saturday August 17th, DOWNTOWN WATERVILLE ON N.THIRD ST. We are happy to be doing it again this year. We have a handful of emerging artists playing, a signature ale on tap just for the occasion, great food and activities such as free guitar lessons for kids. It’s a great day for the community and surrounding areas to enjoy great music on a summer night.

This is your first year taking the plunge into performing music full time, how’s it going?

So far the ride has been great. We are all enjoying touring and loving to call this our full time job. We are fortunate to be good friends and as things grow we are only more and more excited for what is to come.

Just in case you were listening for one, This Is A Good Sound, and the heartbeat beneath the drum. Purchase something for yourself (but don’t be selfish, buy two. One for you and one to share.)

Get Tickets here


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