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Oliver Hazard “Take Me Back” (Fan Video)

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Have you ever sang lyrics to a song you loved from a band you felt like you were part of? Oliver Hazard counted on it when they had the idea to make their latest video for “Take Me Back.” With the help of their dedicated fans they made a kickass music video that makes me tingle every time I watch it (and not just because I’m in it).

We all just want to belong and be a part of something special. That is why music is medicine that gives us the gift of family and community. We need music and musicians need our support! If you are looking for a little organic Prozac in your life I prescribe you to see your favorite band, or better yet, the next band you like that’s in town.

Here’s my conversation with Michael Belazis on their latest release and fan compilation.

What inspired the idea for a fan fueled music video?

We realized this was one of the songs to which everyone in Ohio knew the lyrics. We played a house show at the University of Dayton in Ohio recently, and everyone there was waiting for Take Me Back.

How many people did you reach out to?

We reached out to about 1/3 of the folks in the video. The rest snowballed with the help of good friends spreading the word, and getting other folks excited about the video.

How did you decided who to reach out to?

We began by reaching out to the closest supporters we had at the time. The folks who we knew would support us through and through, no matter what.

How long did it take to get all the submissions back?

The video, from conception to finish took about a month.

What’s Oliver Hazard geeked for in 2019 so far?

We are most excited for our next round of music releases. We are prepping our next 4-5 singles to be released this year. Our hope is that forward moment will be an effect of releasing new music.

What’s the latest update on 34 N. River? 

At this time, 34 N. River is still our house. No one showed up to the auction date. We aren’t sure if that had anything to do with all of our press and outspoken social media posts about the potential sale of our house. But we like to think that our protests were heard. At this point, we are hoping that someone in the community will purchase it as an investment property, and continue to rent it out to us.

Any plans to come back to Michigan?

We are planning to play a show in Ann Arbor soon! March 22nd at a place called the ‘CoOp Ann Arbor’ — It’s a DIY music venue and tickets are only $5.

Just in case you were listening for one, This Is A Good Sound. Visit and stay current with one of my new favorite bands. 






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