Lazer Lloyd

“Tens of thousands of people have sent me their personal messages sharing their journeys, struggles, pains, joys, challenges and inspirations. I’ve made an effort to read through the massive number of messages and comments, replying as often as possible and getting to know many beautiful, amazing people, many of whom have become friends and family meeting before and after the shows on tour at their houses and then some even at mine. I’m very humbled that the songs and spiritual searching that we’ve done together have really touched people, each in their own way. All of you have become my teachers and inspiration. I can’t wait to meet more of you all on the road and to be there for each other …” — Lazer

“Lazer Lloyd is a remarkable performer but even more, he has a magical charisma and aura on stage that is both wonderful and unique. He lit up our crowd at the Mammoth Festival with great songs, incendiary guitar and a wonderful presence and message. A delight to work with and look forward to his return.” Jim Vanko , Co-Producer 23rd Annual Festival at Mammoth Lakes

Lazer Lloyd blends Americana roots, folk rock, and blues with psychedelic spice. In addition to his inspirational deep musical groove, he enthralls audiences with masterful storytelling. Lazer responds personally to a flood of comments and messages, noting, “I see that my songs really touched people, each in their own way. This is unbelievably gratifying and humbling to me.”

His breakout hit “Backstreets” has surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify with a “Backstreets” album ready to release on digital. Lazer is now preparing studio material with several important producers: Eric Paul (Townes van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson) and Chris Bell (Don Henley, Eagles, Eric Johnson etc) both for release in 2019.

Meet the man in person and you experience his kind aura through the eyes that crinkle with his frequent smiles, the humor in his stories, his concern for others and always in the personal attention he gives when listening to you. Meet him on Facebook or Instagram and even through the lens of social media his positive message shines through, from the lyrics in his music videos to the personal responses he gives to comments, and his hugely popular live Sunday morning Facebook segment, a mix of music, inspiration, and community. See him in concert and you’re treated to all of it at once – the stories, the care and the love all delivered with his masterful musicianship and amazing guitar work. Not to mention that deep, warm voice!

His 125,000+ Lazer Lloyd Facebook community enjoy sharing clips from his concerts, touring everywhere from New York and Toronto to Winston-Salem and Bulls Gap TN, from Mammoth Lakes CA to Lindale TX, from Nashville to Miami. A loyal global audience tunes in to his weekly personalized live feeds from his back porch overlooking the Jerusalem mountains.

Who is Lazer Lloyd?



Simple Life


“I grew up with the great North American songwriters – Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell – they are all huge influences on me. I started writing songs in college and my lyrics reflect the long road of travels, days and nights on the road performing, raising my family. I am an emotional man and my songwriting captures the fire and the tears, it keeps me balanced.”

“I first heard Stevie Ray Vaughn live at 14 and my father also took me to hear Santana live – those were life-changing experiences – seeing masters who performed on a level of prayer through music on stage. That set my mind and heart on playing music for life. Stevie Ray taught the musicians of our generation where the blues came from. He wrote in his liner notes his beloved influences like Albert King, T-Bone Walker, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and all the greats who paved the way for blues rock later. So like a lot of kids, I looked up the names on his records and a new world of music was opened to me. When I first heard Albert King I was stunned – it was just a killer sound – nothing like it.”

“I was wild about Jeff Beck for years. A great experience for me was seeing Stevie Ray and Jeff Beck live at the New Haven Coliseum in 1987. When I went to college to major in music at Skidmore Collge, I really started getting into jazz. I studied under Milt Hinton, who was the bass player for Louis Armstrong, and with Randy Brecker (Blood, Sweat and Tears) and Gene Bertoncini who started with Carmen McRae and Buddy Rich and played with so many greats. Under their guidance I listened to a lot of Louis, and on the guitar I was playing a lot of things from Wes Montgomery and Charlie Christian who both inspired me and those sparks come out in my playing to this day.”