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Oliver Hazard “Take Me Back” (Fan Video)

By Kevin Alan Lamb Have you ever sang lyrics to a song you loved from a band you felt like you were part of? Oliver Hazard counted on it when they had the idea to make their latest video for "Take Me Back." With the help of their dedicated fans they made a kickass music… Continue reading Oliver Hazard “Take Me Back” (Fan Video)

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Seeding Dreams with Purchase Productions

By Kevin Alan Lamb Each day I am reminded how fortunate I am to have been born into an environment which supports my growth and encourages dreams. It is a tremendous blessing to have family who love and protect you; parents who drive you across the state to play a game you love; sisters who… Continue reading Seeding Dreams with Purchase Productions

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Roosevelt Diggs, “Better Days”

By Kevin Alan Lamb β€œMusic is felt, not heard.” Hearing is a sensual ability given to many of us at birth, but the choice to listen comes as a result of a desired experiential outputβ€”we discover the ideas and truths we seek in the world. The choice of who, where, and what we attentively listen… Continue reading Roosevelt Diggs, “Better Days”


Dropkick Murphy’s, 20 Monroe Live,

By Michael Young Close you eyes. Imagine the sound of bagpipes, flutes, and a fiddle. Next throw in electric guitars, drums, bass and raspy vocals with a Boston accent. That sound is Dropkick Murphy. Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1996, a group of friends decided they wanted to form a band. Twenty two years, 9… Continue reading Dropkick Murphy’s, 20 Monroe Live,